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Celebrating Canada's East Coast Together!

Heartfelt thanks for making our 10th Anniversary Saltscapes Expo such an incredible success. 

To our valued exhibitors and sponsors, thank you for showcasing the very best of Atlantic Canada.  We greatly appreciate your faith and commitment to our Expo. 

We look forward to continuing our relationships as we work towards the 2016 Saltscapes Expo. 


Unique Retail

Meet one of a kind artisans (jewellers, wood carvers, potters, painters and others) as they sell their unique wares. See creative demonstrations, and learn how some works of art are made.

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Savour the Flavour

See, smell and  most importantly  sample the creations of Atlantic Canadian purveyors of food, wine, beer and other delicious products. Watch cooking demos and competitions, featuring chefs from Atlantic Canada, as they prepare original recipes with local ingredients.

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Home, Cottage & Garden

Learn what you want to know about gardening, green living, home improvement and landscaping. Watch informative demonstrations, talk to knowledgeable vendors, and meet the experts on gardening in Atlantic Canada.

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Culture Music Travel

Saltscapes Expo is filled with music! As you stroll through the exhibits, youll hear musicians from around the region performing tunes from folk to rock. Planning a trip? Weve got experts on tourism in every part of Atlantic Canada right here under one roof.

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Living Healthy

Watch demonstrations on food and nutrition, health and wellness, and sport and recreation  and learn new ways to take advantage of the many opportunities we have to live healthy lifestyles in this region.

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Saltscapes' Pet Place

Meet regional pet retailers and learn about a variety of services in your area to help keep your furry friends healthy and happy.

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If You Received a FAIRGUIDE Form, this is NOT Saltscapes Expo - please read!

Important Message to all past and current Saltscapes Expo Exhibitors:

To all our valued Saltscapes Expo exhibitors - A WARNING!

We extend our appreciation, first of all, for your participation in what is now the largest and most popular consumer show east of Montreal. It is our earnest hope that you will find your investment in this event to be useful and profitable and we invite your feedback, comments and suggestions at any time.

For several years now, exhibitors in consumer shows all across North America have been plagued by a couple of spam artists, one in Mexico and another in eastern Europe (Slovakia). We are no exception. Several of our exhibitors have been victimized by the European outfit - a company called Fair Guide or Data Publishers - in the past several years.

The scam involves contacting exhibitors in consumer shows all across the continent, including elsewhere in Atlantic Canada, asking for confirmation of details for an ad in a show guide. The letter leaves the impression of an existing business relationship with the show in question but fine print buried at the bottom declares a signature on the form to be a contract for advertising services. A fraudulent invoice is followed up by harassment, threats and legal intimidation.

We advise our exhibitors of the following:

If you receive any offer of advertising connected with your presence at the Saltscapes Expo, ignore it. Saltscapes has authorized no-one to contact our exhibitors for any reason, and will not. If you have staff, please notify them not to respond to any such solicitation as well.

This fraudulent company is currently on the run from authorities in Europe (having moved out of Austria to avoid prosecution) and is being tracked down by the United States Federal Trade Commission. While we, and others, have complained to the RCMP for several years, to our knowledge no action has been taken in Canada to protect businesses from this scam.

If you are contacted in such a way, or already have been scammed, you should do the following:
1) Report the scam to your local trading standards and to the police.
3) DO NOT COMMUNICATE WITH THE SCAMMERS and wait out the legal-threat storm.
4) Optional: Please complain to the receiving bank that their client is a scammer and that bank is receiving money obtained by deception. You can link to pages like this one online to help you make your case.

More information:
Stop Fair Guide Website
Project Unfair Guide Message (pdf)

Warm regards,
Jim & Linda Gourlay

Reserve the dates - April 22, 23, 24 2016 for the 12th Saltscapes Expo.  

Contact Lisa Sampson @ 902 464 7258 or if you're interested in being part of the very best of Atlantic Canada.

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A heartfelt thanks to the 2015 Saltscapes Expo Sponsors!

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