2022 Exhibitor Directory

Home, Cottage & Garden

The products and services today’s Atlantic Canadian consumer wants to enhance cottages, gardens and homes. A feature stage presents "how-to" demonstrations on everything from gardening to green living.

Harbour Breezes Daylilies

We specialize in daylily plants and Japanese irises and we have an wide assortment of each available for purchase and we have other plants as well. Check out our unique daylily jelly and daylily syrup made from the daylily flowers. We have beautiful daylily trivets and coasters and ceramic or glass tiles for sale. Take home one of our homemade jams and jellies from our 2.5 acre gardens. We’ve become well known with our regular customers for one of the best dark brandy, rum, or whiskey fruitcakes available all year long at our Eastern Shore sales shop.