Beezy Wrap


Concern for our environment led Sandra MacDonald and her family to develop one small but mighty solution to the excess of single-use plastic in our world.

“We thought we were using the correct practice in putting our plastic in a recycling bag and taking it to the curb,” she says. That, as we all know now, wasn’t the case.In 2017 Sandra made the decision to be part of the solution rather than the problem, and researching how to avoid single-use plastic led her to beeswax wraps. She tried many recipes that she didn’t like before settling on her own recipe.

At first, as so many things do, the wraps Sandra made were just for family and friends as well as for personal use…then more and more requests came along and Beezy Wrap was born.

Beezy Wraps are made with 100 per cent cotton fabric, local beeswax, jojoba oil, pine tree resin, and cinnamon essential oil. Sandra is pleased to say that she has zero-waste production and use all materials—twist ties and her patent-pending fire starters are just a couple of the items she makes from the leftovers. She and her team attend farmers markets and shows, and have a growing online presense, with orders coming from the US, UK, Iceland, Norway—and even China and Australia!

Sandra’s best seller is the variety pack of Beezy Wrap beeswax wraps—containing one each of small, medium and large wraps, meaning you can wrap up sandwiches, fresh veggies, a bowl of leftovers, you name it!

As Sandra says, “we are small…but together we can be mighty!”